Pancakes & Pajamas

Friday nights are my jam, so Saturday mornings are lazy. I always mean to go to yoga, but I sleep in, catch up on blogs I love to read, and half-ass watch whatever movie The Little is obsessed with. Saturdays are for pancakes, pajamas, naps, and records. Things are going to get pretty busy here soon, as I’ve joined a softball league and we have games every Sunday….but that’s another tale for another time. Strangely, I also find myself watching animal/nature documentaries on lazy Saturday afternoons.

On the record player today is Rufus Wainwright’s Out of the Game. I discovered this gem of a musician a little over ten years ago, and am still always mesmerized by his voice: it’s sharp and clear and beautiful. His songs are pop-ish but with all the melody and none of the cheese. This album is going well with a quiet house from a sleeping baby.

Pancakes for everyone!